Jeff Brinkman

Jeff Brinkman

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Clean Water Issues in Our Community

(Denver/Boulder, CO)

“In Colorado, not a year goes by without water issues personally affecting my family and community. Our state is thirsty. Each year we watch our precipitation totals come in far too low. Each summer we watch the state turn red. Drought-stricken grasses turn to kindling that feeds the fires that threaten homes. We are forced to drain our struggling reservoirs to fight these fires. Along the Front Range (where fracking has contaminated groundwater, rivers, and streams, and scarred the face of our plains) we are in a fight for the right to locally control fracking and drilling. How is it that we don’t have a say about chemicals being pumped into the ground? This past year, we saw the flip-side of water destruction, as an unprecedented flood ruined homes and lives, and destroyed wastewater infrastructure. People were put on boil water notices and strict, enforced water conservation policies, including “no flush zones.”

Clean Water Organizations We Support