Lana Merkley

Lana Merkley

Nickname: Banana
Age: 25
Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Current Residing in: Everywhere USA
Sponsors: Slingshot Wake, Babeshredder, Clean Water Tour
Favorite Place to Shred: Texas
Pull of Choice: Cable Wakeboarding
Goals for 2014 Season: After my knee surgery in December 2013, my goal for this wake season is just to get strong and healthy again & not rush into riding too fast. I plan on starting to ride again in late July and will start traveling to different events and contests to share the love of cable wake.
Future Plans for my Wakeboarding: Travel to Thailand this winter 2015 to train for and have a full 2015 season full of competing in cable contests around the world and US.

Clean Water Issues in Our Community

(Saint Paul, Minnesota)

“Clean water is an important part of our everyday lives. Our bodies are composed of about 60% water. The water I put into my body has to be clean in order for me to be healthy.

Clean lakes are important not only to wakeboard in, but also for other recreational use such as stand up paddle, wake surfing, swimming and fishing.

Many concerns for cable park construction in the US is the water condition and amount used. There are many water restrictions in the lower 48 states that can either make or break building a cable park. Cable parks have state of the art water purification systems to maintain the high standards that communities require. Riding a cable park is more eco friendly because less energy is used to power the cable system and no exhaust fumes from a wakeboarding boat are going into the air and water. That’s one of the main reasons I chose to ride at a cable park.

In the school district where I work, we support H2O for Life. There, the students raise money that is donated to build a clean water purification site in Africa. In some parts of Africa, they do not have any clean water to drink. Our donations will actually help people get clean drinking water and live a healthier life.”

Clean Water Organizations I Support

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