About the CWT

Crises With No Boundaries

The Clean Water Tour mission is to raise awareness for the global clean water crises by rallying consumers, businesses, government agencies and the investment community around the world’s leading water scientists and researchers, delivered in a modern online social community setting.

One Click To Impact

The Clean Water additionally functions as a business accelerator and showcase for partner systems/products, services and best practices with the potential to make a big impact for clean water. Our point-of-view is community-driven and apolitical, ensuring that key viewpoints are presented to solve clean water problems.

The Clean Water Tour launches in Austin, Texas at the end of March. The “Clean Water @” business model is designed around plugging into established events, and contributing our platform attraction that includes a clean water expo. We are also building a lineup of talented independent music artists, filmmakers and athletes who want to use their voices to amplify the clean water message. . . starting in their own hometowns!

Making Waves For Clean Water Tour